Monday, September 8, 2008

Sensory Processing Workshop

The "I" in DIR stands for a child's "Individual Differences" i.e their differences in sensory processing, self regulation and motor planning. The more information a parent is able to gain in regards to their child's "individual differences" the better they are able to support them in their "floortime" sessions.

In November 2008 there is a workshop run by Genevieve Jereb (in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney& Brisbane).

"Getting Kids in Sync": A sensory processing apporach to Autism, ADHD, Learning & Behavioural Disorders.

Having attending this workshop a few years back, I can highly recommend it to families. This workshop aims to provide parents and therapists with an understanding of the basics of sensory processing and to learn “ready-to-use” strategies to support learning, attention, social and emotional relationships and behaviour in children.

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